Ethics Abuse

April Fool!

Got your attention, didn’t we? We get a lot of traffic with humor like this.

Welcome to Young Again Products and the Young Again Foundation. We have been in business for over 23 years now. New Vitality is a well known, 30 year old company with a fine reputation for honesty and customer service. They bought the rights to Beta Prostate┬« in 2011. This is the best, most popular, and most effective prostate supplement in the world.  It was developed by Roger almost 20 years ago, is still on TV, and has sold over 15 million bottles. Why? Because it really works! Word of mouth is the secret of it’s success. Twenty years later it is still on TV and is the leading name brand prostate supplement.

Roger is a 70 year old philanthropist and research chemist who has written 7 books and 3 booklets. There are also 150 articles, and a weekly health newsletter as well. All are free to read at These are the most researched, effective, and compre-hensive books and articles on natural health in the entire world.

The supplements site is This is the only company anywhere that exposes the popular frauds such as lycopene, chondroitin, homeopathics, resveratrol, HGH enhancers, and others. This is a not-for-profit company, and the profits go to the Young Again Foundation. Roger and Ivey  live simply, take no donations, have no trust property, and get no salaries. This is a pure, authentic 501c3 charity, in other words. The donations basically go to dog shelters, libertarian causes, and other such work.